Stratum 1 Time Server

The computing equipment at the ND4X QTH uses a MicroSemi SyncServer S80 network time server. The S80 is a Stratum 1 device, receiving it's time reference directly from orbiting GPS satellites (Stratum 0).

This time server can service 500 requests per second from the local LAN at ND4X with no impact on accuracy.  All home computers, including the one that is running the Packet Cluster use this device as their time standard.

The basic definition of a stratum-1 time server is that it is directly linked (not over a network path) to a reliable source of UTC time such as GPS, WWV, or CDMA transmissions.
A stratum-1 time server acts as a primary network time standard.  By eliminating the internet latency, clock accuracy is greatly improved, down to a hundreth of a millisecond. 

The GPS receiving antenna at ND4X is mounted outside in a ruggedized, weather-proof enclosure, mounted with a clear view of the sky.<>